VOA_Yuli_Weeks_Russia_Protests_Moscow_Sign_12_20_2011_480"Stop the lies!" Russians are finally protesting against falsified election results. What has changed? And should they see Europe's democracies as a model?

orient_expressWhen the first locomotive puffed along a set of British rails, Europe changed forever. As trains carried passengers from London to Constantinople, a new European identity was born.

Mumbay_beach_-India_visit-Have you ever thought of generic cialis cheapest india joining an international student group? You could find much more than new friends... Read the buy levitra 20mg love story of Isa and improved viagra super active Lars.

Henry_James_smallThe novelist Henry James became a European by choice, finally settling in England. His hometown in America was "as lively as the inner sepulchre." What did Europe mean to him?

FATLost in translation: the weird and wonderful idioms from all over Europe which ought to be part of the English language. This time: do you have a fat brioche?

dig-for-victoryFeeling the pinch? Want to eat well without breaking the bank? We've come up with some tips and tricks to save money and transform leftovers into lunch...

Girls_kissingFound in the treasure chests of the English language: useful words, strange phrases, Shakespearean quips... This time: freedom kissing, anyone?


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