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The refugee crisis has put us face to face with our values, our fears and cialis soft shop our role in the world. But most of all, it has underlined our greatest shortcommings. Read Andrew Connelly's impressions as he travelled the long road to Europe alongside those who now make our daily headlines.

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brain in blue by silvergryphon8To celebrate the publication of the purchase viagra from us 30th edition of E&M, former magazine editor Johannes Himmelreich takes his pick of articles from the Brain archives that still resonate today.

girl parliament 2There's no place like the EU, some say, as thousands of refugees flood to its borders. But there's much more to the refugee crisis than meets the eye. E&M takes a look at the other corner of the European continent – Georgia.

BusIran's nuclear programme has been a serious concern for decades. E&M examines what the http://www.europeandme.eu/canadian-pharmavy-generic-viagra JCPOA means for Europe and its allies. Will this result in access to a huge array of new market opportunities?

Southern Poverty Law Center sign SC1Dissatisfaction in Europe since the crisis has led to a polarisation of political views, most noticeably to the right. E&M analyses recent events in Spain and the UK. Is the left fighting back?

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