simone teaserHanging in the air a little when it comes to your future? Well, taking inspiration from a legend like Simone de Beauvoir may sound almost intimidating, but fear not – our author Julia Schulte has sifted her life for some lessons  to give your living and loving a boost, Simone-style.

unbuilt teaserHigher and higher, bigger and better, changing the landscape of an entire city: there have been many great visions for impressive buildings, but some just never got executed. Architecture and history nerds, can you guess which cities only barely missed out on these wonderous structures?

dummies teaser You know at E&M we want Europe to be a happy, love-filled place. But hey, if you have to tick someone off, we at least want you to do it in style. So, don't bother with just any insult: find out what annoying sterotypes will really drive your beloved neighbours nuts.

ukraine teaser All politics aside, our author A.R. has developed some highly scientific factors to measure just any country's level of Europeanness. From cross-walk etiquette to use of dill, let's see how Ukraine is doing in this special study...

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